Wen By Chaz Tested Reveals Great Results

The hair product known as WEN hair by Chaz was recently reviewed. It was reviewed by a woman who was looking for a way to treat her fine hair. During one week of testing she used the product and found out that it got her very good results. Each day she reported that her hair was looking better as well as getting stronger. As a result she began to believe that this Sephora advertised product was quite beneficial and is therefore worth using on a regular basis. Therefore she recommends this product to many people and those who are looking to treat and maintain hair that is thin and fine like hers.
What makes Wen hair by Chaz among the top hair care products is its four in one formula. Unlike a number of other hair products, Wen by Chaz offers users four ways to maintain their hair and take the best care of it. With this product users can deeply cleanse their hair so that it looks nicer as well as ensuring that it is totally clean at all times. Another function of this product is that it allows you to more easily style your hair. There are a number of products that just allow you to wash your hair but not much else. However with Wen by Chaz people can easily get the exact look they want for their hair.

Wen by Chaz has other main functions such as treating hair and nourishing it. With treatment people who get their hair damaged will be able to restore its texture and composition. Therefore they will have a way to get it back to a desirable condition after use. This product nourishes your hair by giving it nutrients that are made out of all natural ingredients. Therefore Wen by Chaz is one of the top hair care products on Amazon, if you are looking to keep your hair nice and healthy. Check out their website: http://www.wenhaircare.com/


Andy Wirth Survives Death

October 2013 will remain a memorable time for the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Andy Wirth. This is the time he cheated death when he was involved in an accident which almost took his life. Andy Wirth was strong enough to get through the accident and come out a winner who is determined to live long. The article explains the long journey of Andy Wirth the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski.

On that fateful day, Andy Wirth was out jumping with his two friends when unintentionally he landed on a vineyard. As he was landing a pole tore his arm leaving him bleeding profusely. He knew what could have been the outcome after losing so much blood. Learn more about Andy Wirth: https://www.crowdrise.com/wwsupport

In turn, he kept calm and sang a song to himself the song, “Just Breath by Pearl Jam.” This helped him to overcome tension which he believed to be the causative agent for deaths among many people.

He was lucky enough as one person heard his cries and helped him control the flow of blood coming from the injured arm and this helped save him. A flying doctor arrived shortly and he was strong enough to tell the doctor that he had fought his battle and now it was the doctor role to save his life. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Through the help of occupational therapist and well-taught surgeons his arm was reattached. His family and friends contributed so much towards his recovery.

The CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Andy Wirth journey to recovery has had its shortcoming as he faced a lot of challenges. Training for the Ironman triathlon has been a part of his recovery journey. He also met with a group of the Navy Seal team who were doing winter mountain combat training.

He was first to make friends with some of them, and together they formed a team where they would run together. The three men formed a group by the name Special Welfare Warrior Support team where they have been helping raise funds for the Navy Seal Foundation for their comrades who have lost their lives in the activity.

Despite his wounded hand, Andy Wirth has been participating fully in the training, claiming that his new friends have been a great inspiration to him in his quest to regain his normal life.

At his age, Andy Wirth is still ambitious, and he looks forward to continuing his work as the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski. He aims at taking the company to greater heights by making it more popular and also helps it achieve its goal. He has been contributing to most community works. Also, he has been supportive in environmental welfare in an attempt to make Lake Tahoe area a safe and peaceful area for people of all ages to live comfortably.

Workville NYC, the ultimate coworking space

Millennials Are So Happy (Living And Working) Together

All co-living spaces have the same goal, to eradicate isolation that is felt in big cities. Millennials crave community and like the safety and structure provided by co-working spaces. Co-living and co-working take the place of a parent in many ways. Co-working startups are accountable for ensuring the office is tidy, and the printer is working while workers focus on their work. If startups fail, employees can leave the job and move to another company within the same building. In the past, the thrill of a startup life was tied to the risk of striking out on your own. However, millennials want to be on a safer side such that if anything goes wrong, they have a safety net to land on.

The new generation does not mind sharing space or even being dependent on others. Why should you pay so much for space when it is cheaper to share? Nevertheless, trust is necessary for this system to be effective. Millennials have a better definition of work-life balance. Most of them want to prove themselves at work. They are looking for ideas that will make them shine. Co-working spaces promise them that someone will be around to help come up with brilliant ideas. Privacy is needed in co-working spaces. That is why most of the spaces come with a private phone booth.

Workville offers New York shared office space. It is situated near Bryant Park, Times Square, and main transport hubs. The serene environment fosters a friendly and flexible space. Workville has shared offices, open desks, and move-in complete offices. Clients also move out to hold meetings, take calls or work from the three outdoor terraces and lounge area. Workville community has diverse talents and top-notch businesses, which create a culture of success. Taking a business to the next level is not a walk in the park. At Workville, one can have new partnerships that will help you propel your business further.

There is fast internet, fresh coffee, mail services, a private phone, dry cleaner, and printers. The prices are worth it. The offices are located on the 21st floor, Luxury Office Building 1412 Broadway.

I Have No Problems With Data Limits When I Use FreedomPop

If I hadn’t used FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service myself, I would say that many people who were raving about it were being misled or untruthful. I joined the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service for several different reasons, but it was completely by accident that I found them. I was searching through the applications in an app store online, and I came across the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service application. I read the information about the application and found out that I would only have to pay five dollars each month to enjoy the service. At the time, I only had 1 GB of data from my cell phone carrier, which wasn’t enough.

Since I knew I needed more data on my cell phone, I chose to pay for the FreedomPop unlimited Wi-Fi service. I almost live on the road because I’m out of my home up to 20 hours a day. With a 16 hour workday and a lot of family activities to do during my free time, I’m rarely home and need a lot of Internet access. Money is also tight in my household, so the $5 that FreedomPop charges for their Wi-Fi service is a good deal. http://www.amazon.com/Freedom-Photon-Mobile-Hotspot-Black/product-reviews/B009FCGAQC

I started using the Wi-Fi service on my cell phone when I went to bring the kids out for lunch or other activities, and I was able to get a lot of things done on my phone. I never went over my data limit that my cell phone provider imposed on me, and it got me to thinking. I knew it would be best to join FreedomPop’s unlimited cell phone service because I would always have use of my data, even if it slowed down to 3G speeds. I made the switch to FreedomPop and saved $40 each month.

I still use the FreedomPop Wi-Fi application, which helps if I need the 4G LTE speeds that it offers. I’ve even allowed my kids to watch movies on their tablet because I’m able to stream the movies directly through the Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop. I never knew that I could enjoy technology so much without having to pay a lot of money each month. I said farewell to the expensive companies and moved over to FreedomPop, and I plan for this move to be permanent. When my kids can get their own phone in the next year, I plan on signing them up for FreedomPop as well.

Here is a FreedomPop review. See what others say about FreeodmPop!

Reference Links: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FreedomPop http://www.androidcentral.com/freedompop-offers-unlimited-access-its-wifi-network-5-month

Solo Capital


Online lending is a business that is growing rapidly. Over the past couple of years, the entire industry has exploded with new customers. With all of the regulations at banks, it is much easier to get an online loan than to go through a bank. This is a major shift in the industry, and companies like Solo Capital are starting to benefit. Solo Capital is a company that helps people pay expenses or start a business. Depending on a person’s risk profile, their interest rate will be determined. Clients with no credit or job will pay much higher rates than people with a solid financial foundation.

Gaining Clients

Over the past few years, more people than ever before have tried online lending. Online lending has a lot of advantages over the traditional banking industry. Many times, you can apply for a loan and have the funds on the same day after being approved. This is a major shift in the industry, and customers are starting to move towards online lending platforms. As the technology in this field continues to improve, it is safe to say that even more people will join.

Running a Lending Business

Solo Capital has experienced a lot of growth in sales and profits over the past year. However, it is vital that the company continues to invest in customers. Many times, companies that have success tend to forget about their customers. Solo Capital is still a young company that wants to grow rapidly. Investing in technology and infrastructure will help this company to stay competitive in a growing field. Online lending is going to continue to grow in popularity, and this is good news for customers. When it comes to lending, more options are a good thing over the long term.

Final Thoughts

Solo Capital started as a small company with a big dream. Over time, the company has attracted thousands of customers who are not satisfied with the traditional banking industry. Anyone who wants to borrow money can apply with the company, and if you are approved you can have your cash immediately.


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Book the Best Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort

If you are not familiar with Lake Tahoe, it is a large freshwater lake that sits between in the Sierra Nevada, which is a mount range that straddles the border between California and Nevada.

Where Should You Stay in Lake Tahoe?

Far and away the most wonderful resort to stay at is the combination resort of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. Choose this resort at http://squawalpine.com above any other for the absolute best experience in the area.

The Top Reasons to Choose Lake Tahoe for Your Next Vacation

1. Skiing is the best at Lake Tahoe. No other place even compares.
There are certainly other places to ski in the United States, but nothing is like skiing in Lake Tahoe. The views simply do not compare, and the runs can be at once challenging and a breeze to go on.

2. When you go to the right resort, you’ll get tons of miles of trails to choose from.
If you choose a resort like Squaw Valley or Alpine Meadows, you will have hundreds of miles of trails at your disposal for downhill and cross-country skiing. That’s because these two resorts have combined to create a mega skiing platform that has the most trails of any resort in the area.

3. Everyone can ski here.
You might think upon first reflection that Lake Tahoe skiing is only for those who are experts at the sport, but this could not be further from the truth. There are many runs that are perfect for those who are at the intermediate level and for those who are simply beginners.

4. There are other activities to do in addition to skiing.
Have you ever been to a hot spring? There are hot springs near Lake Tahoe. Would you like to see the mountains from the sky? Go on a helicopter ride in the area. Have you dreamt of hiking in the Sierra Nevada? There are tons of hiking trails to go on.

5. You just can’t beat the amazing views.
Lastly, the views are what everyone really comes to see at Lake Tahoe. No other views can rival what you’ll see when you visit this area of the nation. Each angle of your view of the lake features snow-covered mountains behind it. You’ll literally be at the top of the world, and you’ll feel like it too. Visit Lake Tahoe to have the time of your life. You’ll be coming back every year without a doubt!

Utilizing Third Party Services for Online Reputation Management

Before most customers make a decision on a company to purchase from, they will often look up the company online. This is not only done before a purchase, but after one, and can impact the customer loyalty to a product as well as their initial sales. A poor online reputation can spell doom for a company, particularly when said company is in a competitive industry with tight margins.

It is essential for a company to effectively manage their online reputation by either handling it internally or hiring a third party company to manage their online reputation. Most experts recommend that a third party be use but to fully understand why an example of the services offered by a third party consultant is best used.

One website that does so is fixsearchresults.com which works to repair your online reputation so that you can attract and keep customers. There are numerous steps that they take t improve your online reputation. First, they begin by understanding what is positive and negative in your reputation and how your business is perceived online by the public. From there, fixsearchresults.com will work on improving those negatives in your reputation and work to highlight the positive aspects of your reputation. Further, they will look to modify the results regarding your company in search engines and submerge the negative reviews or comments while further elevating the positive, so that a person who performs an online search will see more positive than negative and ma y be inclined to select your company over those of a competitor. For a company with a limited reputation, fixsearchresults.com will try to build a reputation for your company and gain more exposure for the business online.

While some of these things can be done by your company if you have the talent on-board, it is more effectively and efficiently handled by a third party who is not emotionally attached to your business and who can help to implement best practices from the internet community to improve and build on your online reputation.

Swiss Entrepreneur Mike Baur Launches Startup Factory

Young, talented entrepreneurs in Switzerland now have a dedicated execution platform for their businesses thanks to Swiss banker and entrepreneur Mike Baur. Baur has launched the Swiss Startup Factory, which provides Swiss entrepreneurs a professional execution platform from which to launch and build their businesses. The site provides a platform to guide business owners through a detailed and goal-driven process where set milestones are achieved. The platform can be used for a wide variety of different business models and products, and already boasts a stellar lineup of Swiss startups using the site.

Services Offered

The Swiss Startup Factory offers an array of services that are sure to appeal to entrepreneurs looking to successfully launch and grow their business platforms. There is a 3 month accelerator program that provides startups with financing, services, coaching and mentoring, office space, and direct access to entrepreneurial and investor networks. There are also co working spaces where similar businesses can create and share connections, with affordable prices for desks, office spaces and conference rooms, and even fitness rooms and cafeterias. The platform offers valuable accounting and financial advice including basic bookkeeping and invoice management, payroll management, financial statements, tax reporting, cash flow reports, and also financial health reviews.

Influential and successful startups including Struckd, Blinkers, Carhelper, and Beaconsmind have utilized these services to launch and maintain their brands. Overall, The Swiss Startup Factory appears to offer all of the tools needed to get a viable startup off the ground and running.

Mike Baur’s Credentials

Born in the Fribourg region, Baur became fascinated with banking and finance while still in his teens. After earning an MBA from University of Rochester New York and an Executive MBA from University of Bern, he entered into a successful 20 year career in Swiss private banking. Starting out as a commercial apprentice at UBS, Baur eventually worked his way up to being an executive board member of a large Swiss Private Bank.

In 2014 the 39-year-old banker founded The Swiss Startup Machine with his two partners, which has become the number one independent, privately-financed startup accelerator in Switzerland. Baur also invests a large amount of time and resources in Swiss youth entrepreneurship and mentors and invests in a wide amount of Swiss startups.

With his well-rounded experience and enthusiasm for startups and entrepreneurship, Mike Baur is certainly an individual with the experience and drive to successfully launch a startup accelerator platform of this nature.

White Shark Media has the Right Idea, Turning Negatives to Positives

No company, whether online or physical, likes to receive complaints, but it is going to happen. The difference is in how the complaints are handled or if anyone even sees them. Gary Garth, the founder and CEO of White Shark Media, started in 2010 with a dedication to top-notch customer service. He implements active in-house policies to benefit the client, and he also is in the practice of taking complaints and turning them into benefits to improve the company.

Whtie Shark Media is an online Adwords and marketing firm, and in this competitive market, White Shark Media Compalaints team has made a decision to learn from their mistakes. The staff reads and evaluates any customer complaints that come in to see if positive action can turn them into improvements.

Several complaints were observed that suggested that communication needed to be improved between the contact person and the client. Mr. Garth saw that they did not have a policy in place concerning the explanation of new accounts, so now the contact person fully explains the details of the new account to every new client. By doing this, the client feels more secure.  Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/testimonials/
Also, new phone lines were installed with individual extensions, so clients could call directly to their contact person and receive answers quickly. These two solutions greatly increased communication between the company and the client, which is a positive improvement. Read more: Typical Complaints From White Shark Media Clients and How We Have Improved Because of Them

Some customers were having trouble tracking the performance of their Adwords account, and Garth added an in-house process that included three new features for free: conversion and call tracking and Google Analytics. Garth knows that tracking is a huge part of online success, and this addition optimizes the AdWords campaigns for stellar performance.

Clients also noticed that the majority of their new customers were initially coming by phone, so White Shark partnered with Marchex Systems to provide call tracking for every client. This is a monumental feature that allows clients to be more responsible with their phone calls, yet, it comes at a relatively low cost and is the result of a complaint. White Shark continues to turn negatives to positives to improve the company.

Experts in The Whistleblower Act

Since the economy went down in an epic meltdown in 2008, the government stepped in to introduce significant changes to try to protect the public from instances of financial fraud. One of the most important pieces of legislation passed was the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. An important part of this groundbreaking program was the whistleblower program. This new program was created to build in employment protection as well as significant financial incentives for employees who see and then report possible violations in federal security laws to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The Whistleblower act is a truly significant piece of legislation. It has paved the way for those with information on financial fraud to step forward without fear of reprisals. The law firm of Labaton Sucharow is one law firm that stepped forward in response to the passage of this act to offer legal representation to whistleblowers. The team of legal experts at this firm is of the highest caliber, and includes world class legal minds. This team offers expertise in financial analysis, forensic accounting and investigation. Their expertise comes from years of service in federal and state law enforcement, and they bring this depth of knowledge to every whistleblower case they take on.

The head of this team is Jordan A. Thomas. He is the acting head of the whistleblower practice at Labaton Sucharow. He was the former Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in the Division of Enforcement at the SEC. He was also one of the leaders in the development of the Whistleblower program itself, and drafted the key legislation in the bill.

One of the provisions of the Whistleblower act is that a whistleblower may receive 10-30% of the funds collected in a successful SEC enforcement action, if the amount is above $1 million. These whistleblowers also have the right to report their case anonymously, without fear of reprisal from an employer, as long as they have legal representation.

If you are considering acting as a whistleblower in a case to the SEC about securities fraud, be sure to call Labaton Sucharow for a consultation and case review. Call today. It’s important to step forward and have your case heard.

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