Charles Koch On Criminal Justice Reform

Charles Koch might not be the first person you would assume to be a proponent of criminal justice reform, but he certainly has a passion for the subject. A well known businessman and philanthropist, Charles Koch is the co-owner, chief executive officer, and chairman of the board of Koch Industries along with his brother, David. The businesses manufacture a wide variety of household brands, such as Lycra, Quilted Northern, Dixie Cups, and Stainmaster carpet. Charles supports many free-market oriented educational programs, and contributes to a variety of charitable and cultural organizations.

During a recent interview, Mark V. Holden, senior vice president of Koch Industries, shed some light on the Koch criminal justice doctrine. While many people believe that the criminal justice system is broken, they don’t always agree on the reasoning. Koch believes that there is a polarization of experiences in the criminal justice system between wealthy and poor individuals.

The United States spends over $250 billion each year on the criminal justice system, which is more than we spend on public education. The system in place today has created a cycle of incarceration, despair, and poverty within America’s lower class. One particularly unsettling example of this is the fact that people are now pleading guilty to crimes they didn’t commit. Another major problem is the striking shift in the balance of power from judges to prosecutors.

Koch believes that instead of being “soft on crime” or “tough on crime” we need to be “smart on crime” and “soft on taxpayers.” Furthermore, he states that the focus of incarceration should be reform, redemption and rehabilitation, rather than reprisal, retribution and revenge. According to Koch, there also needs to be a change in the way we allow former inmates to reenter society. There are currently thousands of restrictions on ex-cons that severely inhibit their ability to vote, acquire work, loans, housing, and credit cards.

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Entrepreneur Keith Mann Supports New York Law Enforcement Officials

In early 2015 tensions between the public and law enforcement officials were at an all time high due to controversial actions taken by several officers around the country. Some of these protesters even grew violent towards the police men and women who take an oath to protect and serve, an action which is taken personally by many.

This personal toll was true for New York entrepreneur Keith Mann as well, he has a family member who works as a detective on Staten Island. He points out that while the public may not always understand the actions taken by law enforcement, they need to realize the officers are just reacting off of their training in situations no ordinary citizen would find themselves in.

In order to show his support to the boys in blue Mann sent lunch to the 54th Street precinct in early January. Then, to make sure they knew it was not just a one time occurrence he sent lunch again on February 9th. Many believe Keith is among the majority of people, those who support law enforcement. However, most of the majority remains silent, which is a fact that can have the members of the police force feeling isolated. In order to combat this it is important for these supporters to speak up and have their voices heard.

Mann is the founder of Dynamic Search Partners, an executive search firm headquartered in New York and a known philanthropist. His firm specializes in providing recruiting services for the alternative investment industry. He founded the firm after working his way up to managing director at another New York firm, Dynamics Executive Search, and identifying a new niche in the marketplace.

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Handy Is The New Way To Get Home Repairs

It’s nice to have a man around the house. When I separated from my husband I didn’t know what to do, so I ended up called around to plumbers and other service people to fix things, but it was a never ending process with no solution in sight. I didn’t want to find a man just to fix my house up, and I was tired of dealing with a million different people and companies to find the work I needed to get done on my house when I found my solution. I needed a handy man, and I needed someone that I could trust. I wasn’t going to look through a phone book anymore because I found this service called Handy. is their website, and they have an app that is easy to use on smart phones and other devices. I liked how easy it was to set up an appointment with the service people. I even hired a maid every once and while to clean up after me and my children. I wanted to spread the word that this home cleaning and handy man service is efficient and reliable. I wasn’t sure how it would work, but it was incredibly easy to find the time to have someone stop by to fix things around my house.

I use a maid every week now that I’m used to using Handy. I like to have my house feeling up to par, and I don’t have time to do it myself. I’m not a messy person, but it feels so luxurious to have the extra attention. I am comfortable bringing these people into my home. In fact, I’m more comfortable with the people that I bring into my home through Handy than the people that I was bringing in from the phone books.

The people that I bring into my home are screened by the folks at Handy, so I know they are worthy of entering my house. I felt great finding this out because there may come a time when the service person is alone with my children, and they need to be trustworthy if they’re going to be around my kids. I love how easy it is taking care of the payments for these services. It’s much easier than leaving money in my home for them. It feels like a whole new approach to getting things fixed or cleaned.

Dr Avi Weisfogel Hopes To Raise Money Through GoFundMe For Operation Smile

It is only natural that Dr. Avi Weisfogel, DDS, wants to help raise funds for Operation Smile. Everyone has probably seen the TV commercials about Operation Smile that show children with cleft palates, cleft lips and other birth defects and facial deformities. Operation Smile start in 1982 in response to the profound needs of these children. It began in the Philippines with Dr. William Magee, a plastic surgeon and his wife Kathleen, a nurse, gaining support from medical professionals and companies to offer these children free surgeries. Now, professionals from over 80 countries have performed over 250,000 free surgeries all over the world. The program helps to provide equipment, supplies and the talent needed to address this profound need. Volunteer doctors, nurses and technicians provide these services as well as train professionals in the over 60 countries where these life changing surgeries are needed.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a New Jersey dentist that achieved ranking as the top dentist each year from 2007 to 2013 and recommendations for top sedation, cosmetic and implant dentist during that same period. He believes that knowledge and education is the foundation of excellent customer care and service. After earning his Bachelors in both psychology and biology, graduating from the New York University College of Dentistry in 1997 and his residency at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, he also took an additional 200 hours of medicine each year. He opened the Old Bridge Dental Care office in Edison, New Jersey, in 1999. For the past 16 years Dr. Weisfogel has specialized in learning and teaching about patients sleep disorders, especially sleep apnea. Healthy Heart Sleep, Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients and Dental Sleep Masters are avenues he developed and worked toward training, education and the treatment of dental related sleep disorders. If you visit his Word Press blog you will find information about sleep apnea, its causes and symptoms. Currently, Dental Sleep Masters help dentists learn how to use oral devices to treat dental related sleep disorders.

Dr. Weisfogel is a passionate leader in the dental profession who hopes to help make dental care available to more people in need. All donations and proceeds from the Operation Smile Project GoFundMe page will help the organization create more smiles for those so disparately in need. You can also help make this possible by making a donation today.

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Markets Finally Rebounding After Oil Fall

Stocks closed for the first positive week in 2016, primarily due to a rise in oil prices from their multiyear lows, as well as hopes for stimulus packages overseas. This comes amidst heavy market losses for the first four weeks of 2016, and is a good sign for investors who have become quite nervous during the fall of oil prices early this year and late last year. Oil topped $32, it’s highest point since January 8th, and energy has gained 4.3 percent. The Dow Jones also closed approximately 210 points higher, all good signs for markets and investors worldwide. Oil prices have really put a tremendous toll on all markets and investors, and it seems that the worst is over, when it comes to falling oil prices, meaning that the markets will, hopefully, start to slowly recover their losses.

“I think this week’s rally’s (was) largely due to short covering”, said Joe Sowin, the head of global equity trading at Highland Capital Management, recognising that energy and manufacturing sectors have started to recover from their Wednesday lows. Highland Capital Management is a highly reputed investment firm led by president James Dondero. Jim has extensive experience in credit and equity markets, and has led Highland Capital Management into the future of worldwide markets with his ingenious investment strategies and sound decisions regarding stocks and other investments.

Jim has co-founded Highland Capital Management, and is also a board member of American Banknote as well as MGM studios. Highland Capital Management is playing an important part in the recovery of the oil and energy markets early this year, and is in the process of renewing the confidence of their investors, as well as markets worldwide. With the current volatility of investment markets, and the hope of a strong recovery, Highland Capital Management and it’s president will play a pivotal role in determining the market outlook for 2016.  Follow Jim on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the stock market.

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Urbana’s Insightful Tweets Always Impress Me, So Follow @jonurbana1

Jon Urbana keeps his passion for the Villanova lacrosse community, music, and the arts alive in the form of consistent tweeting. And the Jon Urbana Next Level Lacrosse Camp is bigger than ever going into summer 2016. Look at the coaches he’s recruited!

The number of followers staying on top of his tweets (mostly because of his GoFundMe success) grows and grows. Considering how informative and entertaining the Twitter account is, this is no surprise.

The tweet about Glenn Frey is a perfect example of how unpredictable the tweets are. The tweet by Jon Urbana linking to an article about Frey’s love for golf sheds light on a side of the musician even his biggest fans at are not aware of.

ESPN has decided to let sports fans learn something they might not have ever discovered in the pre-Twitter era. Each and every lineup has a favorite emoji. Urbana has tweeted out the link. Sports fans with a curious mind are now able to learn quite a bit about the secrets of the emojis.

Apple has had a lot of hits over the years, and while Urbana never worked for them, the company is worth billions upon billions of dollars (read more at CrunchBase) because it produces things the public wants and holds in high value. The company has experienced a few misses, too. The Apple watch was a spectacular dud. Apple’s Safari is turning out to be a major source of embarrassment. The Safari browser is constantly crashing on Macs and iPhones, not a good sign for long-term popularity.

Kaffeerösterei” is another one of those really cool pictures posted on Jon Urbana’s blog. As a resource for incredibly artistically-perfect images, Jon Urbana’s blog really scores high marks. The images are updated with great frequency so the blog – like the Twitter account – is never dull.

Everyone loves to look at videos that are inspiring and decidedly not run-of-the-mill imagery. The AV performance of the “Bio-Inspire Full Dome” brings science-fiction to the real world. The mix of sound and images leaves a stunning impression in all who watch, guaranteed.

Last, check out “Dancer“. The tweet leads to Urbana’s Tumblr page and a few visually-impressive images that haven’t been shared to his Facebook Newsfeed. Dance takes on many forms and, in mostly all forms, dancing is a wonder to behold.

A host of tweets by Jon Urbana are worth beholding. One thing the tweets never can never called is dull.

James Dondero and the Stock Market Forecast this Year

The year 2015, many investors witnessed their investments undergo a slow downturn, and this is mostly likely going to continue to the year 2016. Most investors saw most of their capital sink and recorded small profits that brought in uncertainty and much more skepticism that will be experienced in the following year. When such incidents happen, it’s vital that investors get better advice so that they can avert their capital to different options in the market. The mini-crash that occurred between August and October made the situation worse, and this led to skepticism, and mostly the investors started shying off from such investments.

The event led to analysts predicting volatility and uncertainty as far as the stocks are concerned. Most investors are always speculating about the growth of their stock price so that they can tap their full profits from the capital that they invested. In 2016, investors should be focusing on risk as it was experienced in 2015.

Forecasting and better advice from stock analysts such as Goldman Sachs and people such as James Dondero, who is commonly known as Jim, helps most investors to recover from future losses. James Dondero is the President and Co-founder of an investment firm known as Highland Capital Management Company. He holds a CFA (Certified Financial Analysts) and a CMA certification that helps him deliver the best to analyze the stocks in the market. Jim, as he is commonly referred to, has shaped the capital markets. He is continuously supporting the policies that help in managing the various stocks and securities in most markets. He chairs Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank, and CCS Medical. He resides in Dallas, TX and he has over thirty years of experience in stock and credit fields.

As the stocks were going to their lows, the oil prices were also in their lows. The uncertainty that was brought about by the decrease in the price of the stock was affecting the oil prices. A change in oil price affects every aspect in most economies and countries. Oil stabilizes many markets; its fall in price indicates a volatile market. Domino theory better explains the fall of petroleum prices. The theory is used to explain what will further happen to other economies due to the fall in prices.

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