Urbana’s Insightful Tweets Always Impress Me, So Follow @jonurbana1

Jon Urbana keeps his passion for the Villanova lacrosse community, music, and the arts alive in the form of consistent tweeting. And the Jon Urbana Next Level Lacrosse Camp is bigger than ever going into summer 2016. Look at the coaches he’s recruited!

The number of followers staying on top of his tweets (mostly because of his GoFundMe success) grows and grows. Considering how informative and entertaining the Twitter account is, this is no surprise.

The tweet about Glenn Frey is a perfect example of how unpredictable the tweets are. The tweet by Jon Urbana linking to an article about Frey’s love for golf sheds light on a side of the musician even his biggest fans at Bloomberg.com are not aware of.

ESPN has decided to let sports fans learn something they might not have ever discovered in the pre-Twitter era. Each and every lineup has a favorite emoji. Urbana has tweeted out the link. Sports fans with a curious mind are now able to learn quite a bit about the secrets of the emojis.

Apple has had a lot of hits over the years, and while Urbana never worked for them, the company is worth billions upon billions of dollars (read more at CrunchBase) because it produces things the public wants and holds in high value. The company has experienced a few misses, too. The Apple watch was a spectacular dud. Apple’s Safari is turning out to be a major source of embarrassment. The Safari browser is constantly crashing on Macs and iPhones, not a good sign for long-term popularity.

Kaffeerösterei” is another one of those really cool pictures posted on Jon Urbana’s blog. As a resource for incredibly artistically-perfect images, Jon Urbana’s blog really scores high marks. The images are updated with great frequency so the blog – like the Twitter account – is never dull.

Everyone loves to look at videos that are inspiring and decidedly not run-of-the-mill imagery. The AV performance of the “Bio-Inspire Full Dome” brings science-fiction to the real world. The mix of sound and images leaves a stunning impression in all who watch, guaranteed.

Last, check out “Dancer“. The tweet leads to Urbana’s Tumblr page and a few visually-impressive images that haven’t been shared to his Facebook Newsfeed. Dance takes on many forms and, in mostly all forms, dancing is a wonder to behold.

A host of tweets by Jon Urbana are worth beholding. One thing the tweets never can never called is dull.