Markets Finally Rebounding After Oil Fall

Stocks closed for the first positive week in 2016, primarily due to a rise in oil prices from their multiyear lows, as well as hopes for stimulus packages overseas. This comes amidst heavy market losses for the first four weeks of 2016, and is a good sign for investors who have become quite nervous during the fall of oil prices early this year and late last year. Oil topped $32, it’s highest point since January 8th, and energy has gained 4.3 percent. The Dow Jones also closed approximately 210 points higher, all good signs for markets and investors worldwide. Oil prices have really put a tremendous toll on all markets and investors, and it seems that the worst is over, when it comes to falling oil prices, meaning that the markets will, hopefully, start to slowly recover their losses.

“I think this week’s rally’s (was) largely due to short covering”, said Joe Sowin, the head of global equity trading at Highland Capital Management, recognising that energy and manufacturing sectors have started to recover from their Wednesday lows. Highland Capital Management is a highly reputed investment firm led by president James Dondero. Jim has extensive experience in credit and equity markets, and has led Highland Capital Management into the future of worldwide markets with his ingenious investment strategies and sound decisions regarding stocks and other investments.

Jim has co-founded Highland Capital Management, and is also a board member of American Banknote as well as MGM studios. Highland Capital Management is playing an important part in the recovery of the oil and energy markets early this year, and is in the process of renewing the confidence of their investors, as well as markets worldwide. With the current volatility of investment markets, and the hope of a strong recovery, Highland Capital Management and it’s president will play a pivotal role in determining the market outlook for 2016.  Follow Jim on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the stock market.

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