Handy Is The New Way To Get Home Repairs

It’s nice to have a man around the house. When I separated from my husband I didn’t know what to do, so I ended up called around to plumbers and other service people to fix things, but it was a never ending process with no solution in sight. I didn’t want to find a man just to fix my house up, and I was tired of dealing with a million different people and companies to find the work I needed to get done on my house when I found my solution. I needed a handy man, and I needed someone that I could trust. I wasn’t going to look through a phone book anymore because I found this service called Handy.

Handy.com is their website, and they have an app that is easy to use on smart phones and other devices. I liked how easy it was to set up an appointment with the service people. I even hired a maid every once and while to clean up after me and my children. I wanted to spread the word that this home cleaning and handy man service is efficient and reliable. I wasn’t sure how it would work, but it was incredibly easy to find the time to have someone stop by to fix things around my house.

I use a maid every week now that I’m used to using Handy. I like to have my house feeling up to par, and I don’t have time to do it myself. I’m not a messy person, but it feels so luxurious to have the extra attention. I am comfortable bringing these people into my home. In fact, I’m more comfortable with the people that I bring into my home through Handy than the people that I was bringing in from the phone books.

The people that I bring into my home are screened by the folks at Handy, so I know they are worthy of entering my house. I felt great finding this out because there may come a time when the service person is alone with my children, and they need to be trustworthy if they’re going to be around my kids. I love how easy it is taking care of the payments for these services. It’s much easier than leaving money in my home for them. It feels like a whole new approach to getting things fixed or cleaned.