What’s Up with FreedomPop and WhatsApp?

FreedomPop is working very hard to achieve the top spot in the MVNO industry. MVNO stands for mobile virtual network operator, and there are numerous costly services mobile customers lament about. FreedomPop is absolutely not costly. The basic service is free with upgrades available to those wishing to access more service. FreedomPop is now taking free to a new level in the form of perpetual free access to WhatsApp. FreedomPop feels free WhatsApp service could help the company make a smashing debut in Spain.

WhatsApp, itself, is a free mobile messaging app that is used by well over one billion people worldwide. FreedomPop is presenting a targeted zero-rated setup for WhatsApp. What this means is FreedomPop users whose data is depleted can still use WhatsApp. No extra steps are required to use WhatsApp at the zero data point. Access will be normalized by the company.

The zero-rated service is going to debut in Spain because WhatsApp is exceptionally popular here with mobile users. In time, the zero-rated service is going to be offered in other territories.

FreedomPop has plans for a massive global growth endeavor. $50 million was raised for the goal. A global hotspot is a major component of the plans. For under $50, access to a 25-country hotspot is available. 200MB of free monthly service is available with the hotspot. An upgrade of 500MB with the global hotspot only costs about $10.

Yes, FreedomPop loves to make special deals available to customers. Many more are going to emerge in the future. The WhatsApp deal is reflective of the interesting ways the company tries to draw in new customers via outstanding deals. Venture Beat reveals a great many details about the WhatsApp offer. Reading the article absolutely will give some intriguing insight into how the company operates.

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