Services and Products Offered by Vincent Parascandola and AXA Advisors, LLC

Vincent Parascandola has risen to become one of NY’s most-sought-after financial consultant and advisor. Vinny’s brokerage firm, Axa Advisors, LLC is an equally respected financial powerhouse having well over 5400 registered members in the US. The analyst spends most of his time at AXA’s headquarters in New York City. Vinnie is the Executive V.P and he’s in charge of the portfolios of High Net Worth Individuals and individuals as well.

About AXA

AXA Advisors is an accomplished financial consortium operating from the Greater New York Area. AXA assists people with retirement planning by advising on 401(K) and the 403(B) plans. The organization provides reliable financial security consultations.

Other Services Provided

  • Wedding planning
  • Tuition payments
  • Buying new homes
  • Signing contract for new job
  • Divorce settlements
  • Life and health insurance

Representation from the AXA Advisors, LLC, doesn’t come cheap. Clients reach a consensus with the brokers to pay fixed charges, hourly charges or, as a percentage of the assets under management.

Financials of AXA Advisors LLC

As of 2017, the NY-based V.C firm held assets totaling $18.5B under their management. The firm held 93,000 prime accounts and, the group had an estimated liquidity of $198.5K in their bank accounts.

Experience and Accomplishments

Vincent Paranscandola joined AXA Advisors in early 2005. Barely one year into the new job in New York City, Vinnie returned to school to undertake the Municipal Securities Principal Examinations (Series 53) in December of 2006. Vincent has held several top positions at the subsidiaries of AXA in the last fifteen years. Today, Mr. Parascandola is the company’s Senior Exec. Vice President.

Previously, the seasoned hedge fund manager worked at Mony Security Corporation. He’d served at the securities firm for close to fifteen years before finally leaving for AXA Advisors, LLC. Vinnie holds licenses from respected authority bodies like FINRA and the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission.


Vincent Parascandola’s profile on states the following. Vinny attended the Xaverian High School. He later pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Pace University – Lubin School of Business. Click here to read more info about <r. Parascandola’s life, experiences and education.