Osteo Relief Institute Helps To Manage Osteoarthritis Better

Very few people understand arthritis properly. It is not a single disease actually. It is a common term that refers to any kind of joint pain in general. Over 100 different kinds of arthritis are there and millions of adults all around the world suffer from it all around the world. It is more common among women. As people age, their incidences of arthritis tend to increase.


A common type of arthritis known to all is osteoarthritis. This is a degenerative joint disease that is characterized by cartilage degeneration. Cartilage is the soft tissue that is present between the joints. Once the cartilage wears away, bones rub against each other leading to pain and swelling. Over time, due to this reason, joints become weak and pain becomes chronic. Osteo Relief Institute claims that it cannot be cured but managed in a better way that would help to protect and enhance the quality of life.


Osteo Relief Institute recommends managing the risk factors in order to avoid the onset of osteoarthritis. These include obesity, age, family history, as well as previous injury (EdgeWaterRelief). It needs to be noted that osteoarthritis is degenerative. Hence self-management is a way to minimize the progress of this disease. The self-management techniques include daily routine, besides exercise as well as medical treatments.


The routine would include gentle exercise as well as stretching before sleep (https://www.healthgrades.com/group-directory/nj-new-jersey/wall-township/osteo-relief-institute-wall-nj-oomj9t5). Osteo Relief Institute recommends this in order to avoid stiffness in the morning.


It is important to keep adjusting the body position frequently while doing anything like working, or reading, or even watching TV. Rather than sitting for a long time, stand and walk around after every half hour.


Osteo Relief Institute also suggests avoiding repetitive movements as overusing any single joint will lead to more pain.


Avoiding smoking as well as managing weight will help to avoid arthritis too. This is because excess weight leads to more stress on damaged joints. Besides, smoking tends to damage connective tissue too.


It is important to commit to physical activities that can be easily managed as per Osteo Relief Institute. It has to be easy to manage and remain in the comfort zone.


Eli Gershkovitch: The Art of Success

Skeptics turned to look when the tiny pub, Steamworks, opened in Gastown, Vancouver. The year was 1995, a full decade before millennials turned craft brewing from a novelty into a profitable industry. Eli Gershkovitch was the man behind this risky undertaking, but was not what the public expected; a level-headed, quiet lawyer, with a passion for aviation and collectible cars.


But Eli Gershkovitch’s business methods were solid: at opening, Steamworks held 184 seats and offered 6 flavors of beer. Today, the expansive establishment now seats over 750, and offers 17 variations annually, as well as sponsoring several bars and restaurants. In 2013, years of careful planning, marketing, and innovation paid off, as Eli Gershkovitch realized his dream of opening a full-scale brewery.

“You grow to meet demand,” is Eli Gershkovitch’s mantra, “Or it shrinks to meet you.”


The validity of this mindset was proved during the U.S. Open Beer Championship of 2017, when Canadian brewers brought home a total of 24 medals, 20 of which from Ontario alone (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm6457149/). The growing company Cameron’s Brewing did very well, garnering awards for craft beers in the American lager and bitter categories. But Steamworks held its own, connoisseurs reserving high praise for the industrious CEO.


Eli Gershkovitch’s interest in the brewing industry began in 1987, when his graduation from the University of Toronto’s Law School culminated with a tour of Europe. A sampling of Belgian beer fed an already intense desire to develop something worthwhile, to be “the machine instead of the grease,” as he put it.


This thirst for independence and entrepreneurship extends into all areas of Eli Gershkovitch’s life. He puts the extra capital from his industry into his collection of vehicles; amid a mass of classic cars, he owns two personal planes, and in 2009 completed a round-trip odyssey from Vancouver to Europe in a single-engine Cessna 182.


To Eli Gershkovitch, life is a choice to remain passive, or take risks and dream big (MontrealGazette). “You can choose to remain very small, or you have to grow big.” After 21 years in the business, he states, “I was part of the first wave, and now I’m part of the second.”


Edisoft Supply Chain Software

The supply chain is one of the most important aspects of running a business. There are many companies that could make more money if they improved their supply chain. In the industry, new technology is opening many doors for companies to save money and improve profits.


Edisoft is one of the best new programs in the supply chain industry. Not only can companies save money, but they can also use the data to improve performance across various metrics. Now is a great time for companies to start investing money into programs that will help improve their supply chain planning for the future.





One of the most important aspects of running a supply chain is managing the inventory (Consignor.co.uk). There are some companies that carry too much inventory based on sales. This is a major issue that can cause a variety of problems.


Aged inventory costs money in several ways. Not only does it cost money every time the product is touched, but it also costs money to clear inventory that will not sell. Companies that improve their overall inventory management practices will be able to save money in the years ahead.


Edisoft is a software program that can help in this initiative. Edisoft has several different inventory management options that can improve the supply chain. Not only does it forecast future demand, but the software also alerts users to an abundance in inventory.



Future Plans


In the years ahead, many companies are going to continue investing in the supply chain. A smooth supply chain will solve many problems related to sales and inventory.


Edisoft is a software program that will help any business increase sales and improve profits. Having inventory in the right place in the right amount is a huge advantage for any business today (http://www.edisoft.com/careers-edisoft-unparalleled-edi-solutions.php).


Glen Wakeman’s Launchpad Revolutionizing the World of Start-ups

A startup begins with an idea, and young entrepreneurs have been lauded for their limitless ideas. However, Glen Wakeman—CEO and co-founder of Launchpad Holdings LLC—is worried that many ideas fail to transition to profitable ventures. Wakeman established Launchpad in 2015 to offer the much-needed assistance to start-ups. The company prides itself on providing a guided approach that yields plans and adequate liquidity. Launchpad is a SAAS company: it provides its services through a software platform that requires a subscription. As at present, Launchpad can proclaim its success in assisting start-ups in raising capital and building new businesses to become successful enterprises.

The success of Launchpad can be attributed to its CEO, Glen Wakeman. He is an experienced entrepreneur, mentor, and innovator. Wakeman acquired much of his experience from working for companies such as GE Capital, and Doral Financial Corp. At GE, Glen Wakeman was tasked with P&L responsibilities. Wakeman’s career peaked at Doral: He became CEO and president of Doral. He also became Doral Bank’s Board Chairman (Twitter). The skills that Wakeman acquired from his career spanning over two decades have been useful in making Launchpad a successful company.

Glen Wakeman is passionate about seeing business succeed. To this end, he established 5 step performance methodology. The methodology focus on risk management, human capital, leadership power, and execution in business. He often offers guidance to companies on financial economics, organizational strategies, and corporate governance. Some of the brands such as Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded have benefitted from Wakeman’s insightful counsel.

Glen Wakeman’s business interests are global. He runs over 30 business operations outside America giving him an upper hand when it comes to international trade dynamics. He is skilled in capital raising, angel investing, and international business financing. He is acquainted with the global dynamics that affect a business innovation, development, and growth. Wakeman has been a resident of six countries.

More about Glen Wakeman at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doral_Financial_Corporation

A Successful Entrepreneur Sets His Sights on Cancer

Eric Lefkofsky has moved from running tech companies to co-found a company called Tempus to fight cancer.
While running tech companies, Lefkofsky was donating millions of dollars in the fight against cancer. He then decided to help start Tempus to help build infrastructure to make cancer treatment. This company had been secretly working out of another Lefkofsky company called Lightbank.

How much Lefkofsky is involved in company is unclear. People have tried to make clear is exact connection to the company and have been unsuccessful.

On the website for Tempus, the main goal of the company is to help doctor and health care professionals connect so they can better analyze a patients’ genetic code in the context of molecular therapies. Tempus is also able to use and to analyze the methods of doctors so they can better understand tumors.

Tempus also helps in the fight against cancer by collecting and analyzing large amounts of data, They use statistical analysis and proprietary algorithms to help a patient’s doctor to provide the best care possible.

This company so far has studied patients who have breast, lung and pancreatic cancers. They hope to use what they learned from these patients to assist in the fight against other forms of cancer.

Tempus is not the venture that Lefkofsky is involved in that is helped people. He helped a create trust called the Lefkofsky Foundation that wants to assist with charitable, scientific and educational foundations in making the lives of children better. He started this foundation with his wife in 2006.

Lefkofsky helped co-found Tempus in 2016 and is currently the CEO of the company. Lefkofsky has been very successful in the past with founding new enterprises and it should not be no different with this company. If he truly succeeds with this venture, he might be able to help cure cancer.

For details: www.lightbank.com/team/eric-lefkofsky

How Securus Technologies is Providing Technological Solutions to Correctional Facilities

Securus Technologies is a digital company that provides civil and criminal justice technological solutions tailored to enhance public safety while it modernizes the incarceration experience. Majority of correction, law enforcement, and public security agencies have been benefiting from the robust technological solutions offered by Securus Technologies. That is because all the solutions they need are readily available and easy to use.


Securus Technologies work with hundreds of patients, scores of engineers, technologists, designers, and critical thinkers of innovation. For this reason, the implementation of advanced technology in all the correction facilities has always been a non-issue. Over the years, Securus Technologies has shown the determination of being the top provider of high technology software solutions while offering products and services of highest quality in the market. Besides, the company strives to offer cost-effective services that suit the financial plan of every client. They have also maintained the best customer support in this industry.


Securus Technologies plays a vital role in connecting family and friends with their loved ones in correctional facilities. It connects inmates with modern technology, and it also connects correctional facility personnel to critical information. Securus Technologies is determined to serve and connect by:

  • Responding to emergency response,
  • Incident management
  • Public information
  • Investigation
  • Verification
  • Communication
  • Information management,
  • Monitoring of goods and services
  • Inmate self-services


By providing this service to correctional facilities, it is evident that Securus Technologies is committed to making this world a better and secure place to live. Securus Technologies is acknowledged as one of the best providers of inmate communications, government information management, and parolee tracking solutions. The company serves close to 2600 correctional facilities in 45 countries including Canada, Columbia, and Mexico. The company serves more than one million prisoners countrywide. The head offices of Securus Technologies are in Dallas metro area, and they also have an office in Atlanta.


Life Line Screening Is Protecting The Cardiovascular Health Of Americans

Preventive healthcare advocates for the increasing screening for early-stage cancer for breast, colon, and prostate. Life threatening diseases, including cardiovascular diseases have been managed through preventive screening. Life Line Screening, a leader in the industry of preventive healthcare, has been on the forefront of helping Americans to take charge of the health of their hearts. According to scientific studies, 20 percent of deaths are caused by lifestyle and behavior patterns. These deaths can be prevented by diagnosing these diseases earlier, thus allowing patients to begin treatment promptly. Individuals who are exposed to the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases include smokers, diabetic, obese, high cholesterol and blood pressure, aged, males and family lineage with cardiac concerns.

By being aware of the above risk factors of cardiovascular diseases, individuals can be able to prevent it by controlling some of the risks. For instance, quitting smoking, losing weight and keeping fit can help in lowering the risk of developing the killer disease. However, since most symptoms like high blood pressure and cholesterol are silent, it is crucial to take preventive screenings through blood tests. Life Line Screening offers cardiovascular system screening for purposes of diagnosing any concerns at an early stage, thus correcting some of the risk factors through treatment. With prompt diagnosis, individuals can prevent their odds of suffering from stroke, heart attack, or aneurysm.

About Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening was established in 1998. It has active operations across the United States and the United Kingdom. The entity conducts over one million screenings per year. To date, Life Line Screening has conducted over eight million screenings. In addition, they have partnered with numerous insurance firms, organizations and hospitals such as Women in Technology International, Ameriplan, MCM Solutions, Carolina Vascular and Mission Hospital to conduct medical research. They offer ultrasound screenings (sonography), finger-stick blood screenings, and limited electrocardiograph (EKG). Ultrasound involves the use of sound waves to study the internal structure of the body while Finger-stick blood screenings involve the use of blood samples to determine high cholesterol or C-reactive protein. EKG is a device that monitors the heart rhythm to identify irregular heartbeat. Life Line screening procedures provide a more reliable snapshot of the body’s structure like the vascular system. Additional testing can be done after receiving results. Life Line Screening tests are quick and non-invasive.

To know more visit @: www.crunchbase.com/organization/life-line-screening#/entity

UKV PLC Wine Investments Got you covered

There is nothing that compliments a good occasion, like the right choice of wine. Just like we dress differently to fit different occasions, different wines fit different occasions. It is this right choice that will add on the laughter in your party. Many people have specific wines that are preserved for special celebrations. UKV PLC is your partner in making this happen. The company helps you to make the right choice in your wine department. UKV PLC advises you whether your aim of buying the wine for personal pleasure or investment purposes.

UKV PLC wine investments have a qualified staff with high expertise in the field. It is with this knowledge that they advise you accordingly depending on your purpose. The UKV PLC wines investments have access to all the wine varieties. The reason behind its vast source is; the company is not registered to work with a specific brand of wine. The firm, is, therefore, not restricted to sourcing their wines from one company. UKV PLC will, therefore, expose you to all the available European wines.

Are you considering multiplying your savings by investing in wine? UKV PLC Company got you covered. The company gives you a platform to create robust social network. This relationship could benefit you in other ways apart from the wine business.

UKV PLV globally recognized. Quality wine is viewed as a sign of wealth. Only the wealthy can consume the highly pleasurable wine. UKV PLC gives you a platform where you can network with their other investors, to discuss ways in which you can improve wine selling to maximize your profit. Selling quality wine also helps you easily access prominent people and interact with them as they are the number one customers for more info about us: https://www.yell.com/biz/ukv-plc-croydon-8657413/ click here.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is wine is a precious product. Quality wine is associated with the wealthy people in the society. UKV PLC gives you a platform of investing in the wines of the most pleasurable wines in the best vineyards. The company has a variety of wine products because it is an independent company and works with different merchants and brokers in the field.

Services and Products Offered by Vincent Parascandola and AXA Advisors, LLC

Vincent Parascandola has risen to become one of NY’s most-sought-after financial consultant and advisor. Vinny’s brokerage firm, Axa Advisors, LLC is an equally respected financial powerhouse having well over 5400 registered members in the US. The analyst spends most of his time at AXA’s headquarters in New York City. Vinnie is the Executive V.P and he’s in charge of the portfolios of High Net Worth Individuals and individuals as well.

About AXA

AXA Advisors is an accomplished financial consortium operating from the Greater New York Area. AXA assists people with retirement planning by advising on 401(K) and the 403(B) plans. The organization provides reliable financial security consultations.

Other Services Provided

  • Wedding planning
  • Tuition payments
  • Buying new homes
  • Signing contract for new job
  • Divorce settlements
  • Life and health insurance

Representation from the AXA Advisors, LLC, doesn’t come cheap. Clients reach a consensus with the brokers to pay fixed charges, hourly charges or, as a percentage of the assets under management.

Financials of AXA Advisors LLC

As of 2017, the NY-based V.C firm held assets totaling $18.5B under their management. The firm held 93,000 prime accounts and, the group had an estimated liquidity of $198.5K in their bank accounts.

Experience and Accomplishments

Vincent Paranscandola joined AXA Advisors in early 2005. Barely one year into the new job in New York City, Vinnie returned to school to undertake the Municipal Securities Principal Examinations (Series 53) in December of 2006. Vincent has held several top positions at the subsidiaries of AXA in the last fifteen years. Today, Mr. Parascandola is the company’s Senior Exec. Vice President.

Previously, the seasoned hedge fund manager worked at Mony Security Corporation. He’d served at the securities firm for close to fifteen years before finally leaving for AXA Advisors, LLC. Vinnie holds licenses from respected authority bodies like FINRA and the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission.


Vincent Parascandola’s profile on Almnius.net states the following. Vinny attended the Xaverian High School. He later pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Pace University – Lubin School of Business. Click here to read more info about <r. Parascandola’s life, experiences and education.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Not Letting Amazon Out of Sight

If you happen to be in the same niche as Amazon, it can be very easy for them to get so far ahead in sales that you don’t even see them as your nearest competition any more. This is especially true in the online clothing niche, where Amazon is sitting on top of the mountain raking in 20 percent of all the total sales throughout that market. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics doesn’t seem to be phased by those big numbers and is in fact trying to close the gap and not let Amazon too far out of sight. Looking at Fabletics sales numbers, $250 million in sales of women’s workout apparel is certainly something hat should close that distance.


Hudson talks freely about the total success of her athleisure brand, saying that the credit goes to the rewards of her membership program and the sales technique she utilizes known as reverse showrooming. These are not new by any stretch of the imagination, but somehow they are the perfect blend when it comes to selling women’s active-wear. Take a closer look inside the Fabletics store at the local mall. he women inside this store don’t feel pressure from the sales associates to buy merchandise, so they are trying on all the workout apparel they like and taking the lifestyle quiz to boost their membership perks.


The real success of the brand takes place when the same female shoppers visit the Fabletics e-commerce store. Since these same women have already been wearing the merchandise in the store, it is immediately uploaded to their online account for future consideration. Now when these women have more time to shop the larger online inventory, the clothing they know that fits them perfectly is already in their shopping cart so they can literally pick up exactly where they left off inside the mall. This means no worry about sizing and only filling up the cart with the latest in active-wear.


The rewards of being a Kate Hudson’s Fabletics member do not end there, in fact, these same loyal shoppers are getting free shipping on all orders, discounted clothing prices, and a shopping assistant. Your shopping assistant will use your quiz answers as a guide for picking one new piece f workout apparel each month and place in the customer’s shopping cart. If Amazon isn’t concerned about Kate Hudson’s Fabletics being in second place, how will they respond when this company takes over the top spot then?